Service of responsible storage of freights in our company includes:

  •   Granting a place in a warehouse;
  •   Selection of an optimum way of storage;
  •   Round-the-clock protection;
  •   Services in terminal processing;
  •   Shipment to the addressee upon termination of the term of responsible storage.


Advantages of responsible storage in warehouses of our company are:


Safety of freight.. Responsible storage means temporary transfer of the goods of the client to our company and acceptance of the appropriate measures on ensuring safety and integrity of production: granting specialized rooms, protection of loading and unloading equipment etc.


Reception of goods of different functions.SIA "ALBO PLUS” company carries out responsible storage of large-size freight, oversized objects and other types of production (equipment, building materials, other solid materials).


Financial economy.Storage of freights by forces of our company allows to avoid maintenance costs of own warehouse spaces, workplaces of employees and the corresponding equipment. This service exempts from need of rent of a separate warehouse. The cost of storage is defined depending on the space, which is actually occupied by freight.


Possibility of expeditious delivery of the freight to the addressee. Our warehouses allow to carry out not only storage of production but also to send it to the specified addresses at any time on request of the client.