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The SIA "ALBO PLUS" company has own modern vehicle fleet.

At our disposal are available:

  •   Trucks with trailers 92m3;
  •   Road train trucks - 120m3;
  •   Container platforms for transportation of containers of the following types: 20', 40', 40'HC, 45'HC;
  •   Refrigerator semi-trailers;
  •   Specialized semi-trailers.

All vehicles conform to the international standards of EURO 4 / EURO 5 / EURO 6. All vehicle fleet is equipped with sets for transportation of dangerous freights of ADR, GSM communication and system of tracking of GPS.

Now we are offering Sea, manipulator, platform, non standard, air and vehicle cargo transportations.


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Road transportations is one of the most convenient, reliable, fast and cheapest ways to deliver a cargo. This is a link between cities, enterprises and even countries.

Monthly we load about 424 trucks. For more than nine-year period of work our company deserved reputation of the reliable forwarding agent and transport company. It is confirmed by customer reviews and carries at the international transport market. We appreciate our reputation and we render only high quality services.

The international road transportation of freight has important advantages. The main thing is opportunity to deliver freight without necessity to reload freight or to change transport. Transportation of goods by the road transport gives the chance to trace movement and, in case of necessity, to correct a route. Besides, an international road transportation of cargoes is one of the most reliable ways of transportation of freights, especially if they belong to categories of the perishable, fragile or demanding special temperature conditions of storage.

If You will choose our company as business partner, you get timely support and an actual set of services. We provide the accuracy of terms and safety of freight on all route. International transport of dangerous freights is reliable and favorable with SIA "ALBO PLUS” company.

Part Freights

Delivery of part freights is one of the main activities of SIA "ALBO PLUS" company. This service allows to our clients to deliver loads in time and for good price.

SIA "ALBO PLUS"successfully works at the logistic market more than 9 years and all this time is engaged in part loads transportation from the countries of Europe and Scandinavia to Baltic countries and back.

Dangerous Freights

Delivery of dangerous freights is a separate activity of the SIA "ALBO PLUS” company's work. This type of a cargo transportation demands strict observance of conditions of transportation, an overload and storage. At the organization of such cargo transportation from the countries of Europe, we are guided by requirements of the European Agreement on transportation of unsafe freights in the international message.SIA "ALBO PLUS” company organizes road haulage of dangerous freights of all types from countries of Europe to Baltic countries, except for radioactive and containing explosive substances.

Transportation of dangerous freights is made in specialized rolling stocks that are equipped with necessary means of protection, which completely conform to the international standards. Process of organization of transportation of dangerous freights includes the following list of services:
  •   Development of an optimum route.
  •   Preparation of a package of documents for transportation coordination.
  •   Obtaining permissions along a transportation route.